Reasons to Support Pandashock

When people think of cute animals, you’d struggle to find a cuter animal than the Giant Panda. Giant Pandas are some of the most beautiful, cute, and amusing creatures in the world, but sadly, they need our help. Whereas once upon a time they thrived in the wild, now they are unfortunately an endangered species. Needless to say, there are many reasons for this, but man is unfortunately one of the main reasons. On top of that however, giant pandas are also notoriously difficult to breed as the females will only consider mating for roughly 3 days per year. The mating season may run from March through until May, but during these three months, there will only be a 3-day window for the pandas to conceive. This is one of the main reasons why giant pandas receive such mainstream media attention when they are actually pregnant. What’s more, the females also do not carry a litter, instead they will only carry one, sometimes two, cubs at a time. The fantastic news however, is that, thanks to conservation efforts, giant pandas are ever so slowly making a comeback. This is one of the main reasons why you should support Pandashock, and purchase your panda-themed merchandise from this amazing site and store. If you’ve never heard of Pandashock before then worry not, because all will become clear as you read on. Here’s a look at several reasons why you should support Pandashock.

Firstly, who are Pandashock? – Pandashock is an online website dedicated purely to giant pandas. Whether you want to read up about giant pandas, learn more about them, view panda-related posts, or purchase a wide range of panda-related merchandise, is the perfect website for you. Run by a team of passionate individuals who not only understand the true beauty of pandas, but who also actually share the same living area as giant pandas – Sichuan, China, Pandashock should be your one-stop-shop for everything panda-reated.

Why should you support Pandashock?


So, now you have an idea of who Pandashock are, we’ll now look at several reasons why you should support Pandashock:

Wider selection of Panda merchandise – By now you know that giant pandas are very cute, and you also know they are popular. Panda merchandise was, and still is, in very high demand. In the past, if people wanted panda merchandise, they could only really shop online with eBay or Amazon. If they were lucky they may have come across the odd High Street store which stocked some panda-themed merchandise, but generally it was Amazon or eBay. That was then, and this is now, and thanks to Pandashock, people can now purchase an incredibly diverse selection of panda merchandise from This is great because it means people do not have to pay extortionate prices, plus it means they have a much wider selection of merchandise to choose from.

All kinds of weird and wonderful panda-themed items – As mentioned, Pandashock has an extremely diverse range of panda merchandise in stock, but just what kinds of panda-related items can you expect to purchase? Well, in actual fact there is much more than you could have ever imagined, which is yet another reason why Pandashock is so popular. By shopping with Pandashock, you have the opportunity to purchase a wide range of panda-related items including the following:

· Panda scarves

· Panda hoodies

· Panda mascot costumes

· Panda hoodies

· Panda keyrings

· Panda jumpers

· Panda children’s clothes

· Panda tank tops and gym wear

· Other animal mascot costumes

· And much more…

They are based in Sichuan – If you were paying attention before, you’ll remember that we spoke about how Pandashock was based in Sichuan, China. What does this have to do with anything? Well, quite simply, it is very special because it means that Pandashock are based in the same home province as the giant panda, so they are basically from the exact same part of the world. This is hugely beneficial because it literally means that Pandashock have wild pandas virtually on their doorsteps. It means they understand these amazing creatures, they know the area, they know the surroundings, and they know where to find them. For a business based exclusively around giant pandas, this is obviously extremely useful indeed.

International shipping – Of course locals native to Sichuan will be in their element when shopping with Pandashock, but what about everybody else? Well, not only do Pandashock offer nationwide shipping on all of their products, meaning other people living in China can enjoy their products, but they also ship worldwide. That’s right, Pandashock offer international shipping across the globe, so people in countries at the other end of the globe, can still purchase and enjoy the amazing panda-themed products from the site. This is very important because, as you know, finding panda merchandise online is tough. Pandashock however, have hundreds upon hundreds of panda-related items in stock, so you can enjoy their products, no matter where in the world you happen to reside.

You can learn more about pandas – As if bein

g able to buy a cuddly giant panda costume online wasn’t special enough, another great reason to support Pandashock is the fact that you get to learn more

about Pandas. Each week they will be posting weekly content based upon giant pandas, so you can discover all kinds of crazy and wonderful facts about these enormous teddy bears. For example, did you know that giant pandas only sleep roughly 4 hours per day, because they are so busy eating bamboo? Well you do now, and if you regularly check out Pandashock you’ll discover far more amazing facts about giant pandas. You’ll discover unusual panda facts, eating habits, conservational facts, mating habits, where to best view them, and much, much more besides. If you’ve always wanted to learn more about giant pandas, now is the

perfect opportunity to do exactly that.

Their head office is located in Chengdu – Though based in Sichuan, their head office is located in Chengdu. Every single year, people from all over the globe flock to Chengdu in their droves, in the hopes of seeing giant pandas in their natural habitat. As the guys and gals over at Pandashock are so experienced when it comes to giant pandas, not only can they help raise awareness about the pandas, they also help to inform people of what they can do to care for the environment and for giant pandas, themselves.

Their mascot costumes can help any business – If a panda T-shirt just isn’t enough, you might wish to purchase a panda mascot costume, or indeed, another giant mascot costume instead. You see, Pandashock also have a wide range of mascot costumes in stock, which can be used for all kinds of different reasons. To begin with you may wish to wear one to a Fancy Dress party, or maybe you could use it to help grow your business. Mascot costumes help attract people’s attention, which can help draw them into your business and increase your takings for the day. They also help increase brand awareness so more people know your company name and logo. Whether you want a panda mascot, a fish mascot, a fox, a dog, a cat, or anything else, the costumes in stock look absolutely amazing. Best of all is the fact that the costumes are made to the very highest of standards, and are designed with in-built cooling devices such as fans, to help keep the wearer inside nice and cool.

Quality materials and items – Another great reason to support Pandashock is the fact that the items they have in stock are of the very finest quality, and are affordable. When you purchase clothing, you want clothing that is going to last a long time, not rip, tear, and fade after a few weeks and a few washes. Pandashock only stock the very finest merchandise made from the best materials, so the clothing is not only comfortable and stylish, it is also durable and hardwearing.

You’re helping Giant Pandas – Finally, the last reason to support Pandashock is that, by doing so, you are helping to support these wonderful, and endangered species. Pandashock is not simply a business established purely for profit, they virtually live with giant pandas so they are very passionate about them, and want only the absolute best for them. By shopping with Pandashock you are supporting a business that cares about giant pandas and you are helping them to make a difference.