Do all giant pandas belong to China?

Yes! Yes! Absolutely Yes!Only China has the giant pandas on this planet! China is the origin of all giant pandas in the world.

Before the year 1949, when China had suffered almost 100 years of massive invasions and civil wars, during this time, any alive giant panda in China were captured by foreigners and shipped out to abroad were dead in that era and no posterity at all.


Some giant pandas are living in oversea countries and areas, their Jurisprudence attributes have differences from their natural attributes. In accordance with the jurisprudence attributes:Until the end October of 2017, 15 sovereignty countries can keep such adorable animal at their national zoos are based on commercial lease from Chinese government. They are including: United States, Japan, Canada, Australia, UK, France, Spain, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and South Korea. Every year, the rental for each giant panda, no matter adult or baby panda, the price range would be from 250KUSD-1 million USD for panda/year and the price range was many years ago...Some one says it would be 2 million - 5 million USD/per panda one year.And this fund is only for panda and it excludes the cost for monitoring, health maintenance and professional feeding. Another in another hand, unless acquired the permission from China, the renting side country cannot use their own bamboos, otherwise renting side country must use the bamboo from China side and this should be recasting. Not just about this, renting a giant panda has much more cost than you think, but as long as a panda can be successfully rent out, the zoo can get back all of the costs very fast, because the zoo will be always flooded by tourists due to the pandas. Pandas will not just bring the tickets income to the zoo, but also bring along other industries booming, like people start to buy panda suit,panda hoodies, panda costumes or anything related to pandas, panda souvenirs and even in movies, such as  Kungfu panda, thats the reason why renting a panda is so expensive and there are still a lot of countries that hope pandas visit them.


 60 giant pandas total were spread in 20 zoos in these countries. So far, Pandas are no kids in these countries, they are Australia, France, UK, Singapore and South Korea.


Commercial lease was beginning at 1997, it was mostly giving out before 1997. Only one sovereignty country was given by China, that is Mexico. Mexico had received 2 giant pandas. Mexico has no need to pay any rental to China.


At present, totally 71 giant pandas are living at 22 zoos of 17 countries. United States have the most giant pandas outside of China, in total like 12 giant pandas and they are living at 4 zoos.The 2nd is Japan, Japan has 11 giant pandas stay in its 3 zoos.


In the year of 1975, China gave a pair of giant pandas to Mexico, they are “Beibei and yingying, this couple totally had 7 kids, 4 girls and 3 boys. Their 3rd generation only has girl “xinxin and 2nd generation only has “Shuan Shuan, They both are more like 30 years old now and aren’t able to have anymore kids. This big panda family was a seed loan from UK and Japans pandas during the reproducing of their family.


Germany and Netherlands,each of them both have 2 giant pandas since 2017, Netherlands zoo has built a very beautiful Chinese styled palace for the 2 pandas, Dutch kids were so crazy for the 2 adorable Chinese friendship messengers. And in Berlin, Germany, 2 pandas are living at the new built Panda house and the building looks really luxurious. Denmark, Israel and Indonesia, each of them will have one couple of pandas. The 3 countries have already done the agreement of commercial lease of pandas.


In 2013 America had the first ever surviving panda twins born in Atlanta, Georgia, their names.. “Mei Lun” and “Mei Huan.” Everyone loved them because of their antics. That is what caught peoples attention. These pandas were indeed inseparable, but they had to go back to their ancestral home which is China. They had to go home to create more offspring. They eventually went back home to Chengdu to the Chengdu Research Base. They only understood English so their keepers had to teach them Mandarin. They picked up bad habits when in America though, they were addicted to American crackers. I’m sure the keepers broke that habit with them though. This is why America wants to keep good relations with China because of the pandas. So many people love pandas and respect them. They are funny, cute, sweet and cuddly so what is not to love.