Pandashock’s panda costumes and mascot costumes are high quality made, some of our mascot costumes were even used by Swedish Football Teams. we are here not just selling panda costumes here,but we also sell many animal costumes and accept any custom-made mascot costume service. We can make any types of mascot costumes, in this category, we have many panda costumes, some of the costumes are between hoodie and costume. You can definitely wear them at anywhere. The item is quite popular and warm. Regarding to mascot costumes,each of them have a electric cooling fan inside which is able to keep up wearer cool. Mascot costumes are cute and at anywhere, they are the focuses to get people’s attention, no matter,kids and adults,young and old,female and male. Mascot costume is not just for celebration or a march, they are the good tools for your business. Order any of the mascot costumes from pandashock,you will get your delivery within 2 weeks.

Pandashock provides you full range of panda costumes and other animal mascot costumes with an affordable price and high quality.You can find the panda mascot costume for your company or you can find another mascot costume for your own store business, because mascots are quite good for advertising your own business. Not just about this, some of Panda costumes here are able to wear them to work at office,or you can wear them for festivals, you can wear them at anywhere, just like a normal jacket. Some of our panda costumes in this category are really able to wear as normal jacket as our daily life.

                         Why we use panda costumes and other animal mascot costumes?

If you are a fan of panda or you just simply like giant pandas and you are looking for good panda costumes? Well, here in this category,we provide you another way to get them besides you can find those boring and quite simple designs from Amazon or ebay. Not just about this, we also provide you really top quality animal mascot costumes for you, they are really really high quality, some of customers are even including the TV channels of Sweden. Let us talk about why we use mascot costumes and panda costumes.

Mascot costumes are fun – First and foremost, life is too short to not have fun, which is why you should take advantage of some of the amazing mascot costumes available online for you to choose from. The great thing about these costumes is the fact that there is so much variety for you to choose from.At Pandashock, it is a Panda theme online store,of course we sell panda costumes and also other animal costumes Whether you intend on dressing up as a giant panda or perhaps as a tiger or monkey, mascot costumes allow you to do exactly that. These costumes are a whole lot of fun because they allow you to dress up in a variety of zany and whacky ways. People use these costumes when they’re attending fancy dress parties, they use them when they’re attending conventions or specialist events, or they use them to entertain their children and/or family members for private parties and gatherings.Also our Panda costumes are not just for fans of pandas, or not just for celebrations, panda costumes at our site, it can be a panda hoodie and costume at the same time,you can even wear this at office, of course we have 1-2 types of giant panda mascot costumes as well.


Mascot costumes draw attention to you – For people who want/need to be the centre of attention, you can’t go wrong with a mascot costume. You see, if you’re planning on throwing an event, hosting a party, or even putting together a show, mascot costumes can serve as great focal points. The costume will obviously have all eyes on you, and this is where the business benefits factor into the picture. You see, by having a mascot costume outside your store, this will draw attention to your business and will also help show people who you are and what you are selling. As an example, if you sell stationary, a giant mascot costume in the shape of a pen, or perhaps a notepad, would come in very handy indeed.  The more people that are aware of your business, the more customers you are likely to attract, and from a business perspective, that obviously makes a lot of sense.


Free labour opportunities and fun for the kids – If you’ve ever seen the hit animated TV show Bob’s Burgers on the TV, you’ll know that Bob owns a burger restaurant and frequently has his son dress in a burger mascot costume to promote his business. This is great for Bob because it provides him with free labour, plus it gives his son something fun to do and allows him to feel important in the process. If you purchase a mascot costume and you want to get your kids involved in the business, why not have them dress up in the costume and to stand outside your store and advertise your business? This gives them something to do when they aren’t at school, it helps teach them more about the family business, plus it also allows you to not only advertise your business, but to also benefit from free labour, or at the very least, cheap labour. We’re certainly not advocates of child labour, but for an hour or two every Saturday lunchtime, it may be in all of your interests to have your child wear your mascot costume and to promote your business, perhaps in exchange for a slight raise in their allowance?


Great form of advertising – In business, it’s vital that you make people aware of who you are and what you do. The more people out there that are aware you exist, the more people there will be that will likely shop at your store. Most businesses will purchase mascot costume that is relevant to their line of work, and will perhaps have it custom made so that it contains their business colors, logo, and perhaps slogan as well. Mascot costumes basically work as giant plush billboards advertising your business and making members of the general public aware of who you are and what you are selling. Seafood restaurants for example, often have company mascot costumes made in the shape of a fish, crab, or other seafood-related creatures, as this straight away demonstrates to the general public, that the restaurant in question sells seafood. You can, as mentioned previously, take things a step further and have mascot costumes custom made that contain your company logo, slogan, and business colors in the process. As people see your mascot they will associate it with your business, which helps to raise brand recognition. Not only that, but people are far more likely to pay attention to a brightly coloured, dancing mascot costume in the street than they are to a faded bill board at the side of the street, or a poster in a store window. In business, you can never have enough advertising, and with mascot costumes, generally you can’t get much better forms of advertising.